Variant 6


Variant 6 is a virtuosic vocal sextet that explores and advances the art of chamber music in the twenty-first century. The ensemble's work includes radically reimagining concert experiences, commissioning substantial new works, collaborating closely with other ensembles, and educating a new generation of singers. Variant 6 believes that the process of compromise achieved from the diversity of opinion and specialty of its six individual artists can create deeply impactful experiences for its audiences, collaborators, and students.




lakewhales lives in brooklyn, new york. mostly. lakewhales started as the wretched brainchild of guitarist and producer/engineer charles mueller in 2015. lakewhales now also contains elisa sutherland (vocals), margaret sohn (guitar and vocals), sean kane (bass) and cameron lacrone (drums). lakewhales is a little bit indie rock, a little bit psych, and a little bit lo-fi maritime jazz. lakewhales has made a few recordings, but we’re especially chuffed about out debut ‘baleen dreams’ ep, which drops on november 3rd wherever internet is available.